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Estimate the Value of Your Idea

Download this spreadsheet to start estimating the value of your idea.

Estimate the Value of Your Idea

20+ years ago I had made the decision to go from an employed CEO in Vancouver, Canada to returning to Melbourne, Australia and opening up my own business... add being a new, single parent to that and you have an interesting pressure mix on how to create a suitable income base. My focus for my new business was Business Management Consulting. I’d had 10 years at top level management positions in a range of businesses that I felt I could take the knowledge I’d learned along the way and help other businesses to look in the mirror and strategise to drive for better results across their business — both sales and operations.

​You’re a small business owner with big ideas and loads of passion. You know your idea is so great that it will solve all your customer pain points and help grow your business. But, how much is this idea worth? Let’s go through one, quick-back of the envelope, way of working out the value of this idea before you go head long into pouring lots of money at it.

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