Yearly Mentoring Program


Do you feel like your business is in survival mode? A sustainable, thriving, successful business doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by design. Best of all? It’s really not that complicated- you just need someone by your side, holding your hand, with the expertise and skills to help your business thrive.

I work with people who feel like their business just isn't working the way it could, and should;

  • They’re a slave to their business, working day and night, weekdays and weekends.

  • Their bottom line simply doesn’t reflect their hard work and efforts.

  • They go from feast to famine and back again seemingly at the whim of the universe.

  • Some are bored, uninspired and quite frankly sick to the eye teeth of their work and their business.

My Thrive! mentoring program takes all those issues (and more!) and turns struggling into thriving. It’s a year of me supporting, guiding, and challenging you to work smarter and more effectively, to know your metrics, meaningfully and purposefully and to have a considered plan to grow your business in a way that’s aligned to you, your life and your goals. It’s hands-on, interactive, and future-focused.

Through the power of mentoring, we’ll transform your business by uncovering and clarifying your:


(your purpose)


(your delivery)


(your offering)


(your value proposition)

We do this through aligning your goals – financial and non-financial – to your business metrics and numbers. Our monthly meetings keep your focus on the actions required to bring your strategic plans to fruition.

What's Included?

  • 1 hour Zoom mentoring meetings – x10 across the year

  • Deep dives into your monthly metrics – x10 across the year

  • End of Financial Year extended planning session 

  • Monthly resources, templates, articles and checklists for a thriving business 

  • Access to the It's Not A Hobby Alumni Facebook group

Thrive! is Perfect  for People Who:

  • Want the expertise and support of an experienced business mentor to help their business thrive

  • Who know there has to be a smarter, more effective way to run their business

  • Who want to scale and grow their business but need expert support to get there

  • Who love being pushed hard, knowing their efforts are targeted, strategic and aligned to their broader business – and life – goals


I couldn’t be more grateful to Julie for helping me not only create a business plan that will take me to thriving well into the future, but for giving me the space and time to fall in love with my business and it’s possibilities.


Your support has made a significant difference to my financial mindset and business results, not to mention the fact that I will never think of my business as a hobby again.

Young Businesswomen


$9250 ex GST

Ready for your business to thrive? Let's talk about how mentoring can transform your business.