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With more than 30 years experience helping business owners grow profitable businesses, I am an accomplished, experienced and dedicated business specialist who loves little more than a deep dive into a business’ data to get clear on the story those numbers tell. In fact, I’ve built my career- and my business- around driving change through understanding numbers.

I have a background in mainly service-based careers: law enforcement, administration & customer service roles and teaching. I have a Degree in Education, Cert IV in Bookkeeping and a Postgraduate Certificate in Accounting. I've worked across Australia and in North America, but Melbourne is home.

As the Founder of Cocoon Business Solutions (formerly JEDs Bookkeeping) I’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes for 20 years across Australia and North America sharing my expertise to manage and grow their business.

I simply love working with people with small businesses. I believe their drive, their commitment to their customers or clients should be reflected in their results. If a business is causing undue stress, or isn’t as sustainably lucrative as it should be, then let’s work out a way to turn things around.


I am a weekend hiker, a midweek dog walker (just my dog, not professionally!) and a stand-up comedy tragic. In 2019 I spent a glorious week at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival and my record for a Melbourne International Comedy festival is 25 shows.

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